Follow Kris Jenner's Nighttime Skincare Routine Using SKKN Products

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Fatima Araos

Kris Jenner is not only the ultimate momager but also a staunch supporter of her children’s businesses.

Case in point: she’s a huge fan of her daughter Kim Kardashian’s SKKN brand, as she reveals in a video uploaded to both SKKN’s and Kim’s Instagram pages showing off her nighttime skincare routine. And she loves it not just because it’s Kim’s label – she says it really does a great job.

“I am in my 60s and for me to find a new routine that really works is kind of amazing,” the reality family matriarch says. Want to try Kris’ SKKN regimen? Scroll for the video.

Steps 1 And 2: Cleanser And Exfoliator

The first step of the 66-year-old socialite/businesswoman’s nighttime routine is washing her face with SKKN’s Cleanser ($43 on the brand’s website). “What I love about this is it’s really light but it just takes off all of the makeup,” she says.

Next is the Exfoliator ($55), which she mixes with a little water and rubs all over her face, including the lip area.

Steps 3 And 4: Toner And Hyaluronic Acid Serum

For the third step, Kris uses the Toner ($45), noting that she “wasn’t always a toner girl” but finds now that it really makes “a big difference.”

Next up is the Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($90), “which prepares the skin for all the other fabulous goodies,” she says. She applies it not only on her face but also on her neck area because “it’s really important especially as you get older.”

Steps 5 And 6: Vitamin C8 Serum And Face Cream

The fifth step is the Vitamin C Serum ($90), which she notes she can’t live without and makes her “really happy.”

After that, it’s time for the Face Cream ($85). “I just do a little dab,” she says. “This stuff goes a long way. It really does. Put this all over your skin and then any excess, I always use it on my hands because I don’t want to waste it.”

Steps 7 And 8: Night Oil And Eye Cream

Because it’s Kris’s before-bed routine, she uses the Night Oil ($95) but explains that SKKN also makes a daytime oil. After applying it, she pauses to admire the effects, saying “Look at that glow. I mean, already, it’s pretty cool.”

Lastly, she dabs on some Eye Cream ($75), noting that “Kim’s process and her order might be a little bit different from mine but I’m a little old school.”

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