Jennifer Lopez Stays Ageless With JLo Beauty's 'That Overnight Hustle' Serum

Closeup of Jennifer Lopez wearing tight ponytail
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Fatima Araos

Jennifer Lopez is a woman who knows how to hustle, so it only makes sense that the products she creates can hustle, too!

In a video uploaded to her brand JLo Beauty’s Instagram page recently, the 53-year-old singer and businesswoman talks about one of her best-selling products, That Overnight Hustle, a nightly treatment that promises to give you glowy skin while you sleep.

“It was a labor of love, and I’m so thrilled to see and read reviews about how much everyone is loving this product – so much love that we are hustling around the clock to keep it in stock,” she begins her video.

Created For Latinas

The Marry Me actress reveals that she created the popular serum, especially for Latinas like her.

“As Latinas, our skin has unique needs and we have specific skincare concerns,” she explains. “We created That Overnight Hustle to address hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, and the signs of aging that concern you the most.”

How It Hustles For You

Lopez also gets into detail about the product’s benefits, saying, “We know how hard you hustle so we make sure this product hustles for you while you sleep so that when you wake up, you wake up with smooth, glowing, even skin day after day. And let me tell you, it hustles.”

How does it hustle for you, exactly? She mentions that it “gently exfoliates to reveal smoother, healthier-looking skin, visibly brightens and evens the appearance of skin’s tone, helps clear pores, reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and plumps your skin and boosts hydration.”

'Results In 24 Hours'

Before the “Let’s Get Loud” singer ends her video, she promises that you will “see results in 24 hours and with continued use,” and encourages fans to share their experiences with the product by leaving reviews.

And a lot of glowing reviews are already out on the product page, with the majority of users reporting healthier skin, improved texture, a more even tone, and less discoloration.

'I Put It Everywhere'

This isn’t the first time Lopez has sung praises for That Overnight Hustle. Last month, she uploaded a fresh-from-the-shower video where she demoed how she uses the product – by applying it all over her face, neck, and even her arms. “Yes, I put it everywhere,” she said.

And if the star’s ageless beauty is any indication, it really works! That Overnight Hustle is available on JLo Beauty’s website with a $58 price tag.

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