Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Shower Ritual Using Goop Beauty Products

Closeup of Gwyneth Paltrow wearing side-parted updo
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Fatima Araos

Gwyneth Paltrow may have a reputation for oversharing, but we’re all for it if it’s about her beauty secrets!

The 49-year-old actress and lifestyle mogul recently uploaded a video of her shower routine to her brand Goop's Instagram, and what better way to show it than by actually showering? She explains at the start of the vid, “I’m just out of my sauna and I always follow it up with a nice outdoor shower, which is one of my favorite places in the whole house.” She then shows off her arsenal of clean beauty products – most of them from Goop Beauty, naturally – and then proceeds with the demo.

Watch it below.

Shampoo And Conditioner

Gwyneth begins her ritual by shampooing her hair with Goop Beauty’s G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo.

“So I usually start my shower with our G.Tox. It’s the best shampoo in the world. See that? Major suds,” she says while lathering the shampoo all over her hair.

Next is The Ritual Conditioner from Crown Affair, a haircare line sold on Goop’s website. “This Crown Affair, it smells so good. I have to use a lot because of my dry, chemically treated, ex-movie star hair,” she explains as she rubs the product on her hair and runs a comb through it.

Body Polish

Next up is Goop Beauty’s GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Body Polish.

“Because I work here, I have a sample of our early body scrub which is heaven. It’s like the Microderm for your body. It also lathers,” she explains as she squeezes a dollop onto her hand and rubs it all over her arm.

Face Cleanser

For the fourth step in Gwyneth’s shower routine, she washes her face using Goop Beauty’s GOOPGLOW Cloudberry Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser. “This has become like a bestseller. It’s the perfect morning wakeup,” she says while massaging the product all over her face.

Body Oil

Lastly, the Oscar-winning actress gets out of the shower and finishes off her ritual with Goop Beauty’s GOOPGLOW Afterglow Body Oil.

“So then when I dry off, I’m going to use our new Afterglow Body Oil,” she says. “This is amazing. It’s so amazing. You’re gonna like this one. Okay, and that’s how it goes.”

Now a rundown of all the products she uses for her shower ritual: Goop Beauty G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo is $55, Crown Affair The Ritual Conditioner is $38, Goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Body Polish is $48, Goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Cloudberry Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser is $35, and Goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Afterglow Body Oil is $48 on Goop’s website.

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