Halsey Shows Off Three Halloween Looks Using About-Face

Closeup of Halsey with pink hair
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Fatima Araos

Halloween is over but Halsey’s spooky makeup still haunts us.

The 28-year-old singer and businesswoman came up with three Halloween costumes this year and, as usual, she got really creative with her beauty looks. While she had a team helping her with costumes and photography, the artsy makeup was all hers, using products from her own brands, About-Face and its little sister AF94. There’s a reason she’s found success in the beauty space as About-Face’s founder, chief creative officer, and head makeup artist – this boss has massive talent!

See her looks below.

White Swan

About-Face shared a photo on Instagram showing one of Halsey’s Halloween looks: Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan) in full White Swan costume.

Aside from the white tutu (complete with blood stain) and feathered headpiece, Halsey nailed the pale makeup and even the bloodshot eye. To achieve this look, she used several About-Face products, including Matte Fluid Eye Paint™️ in White Noise, Art of Darkness, and Hidden Garden; Shadowstick in Kill the Lights and Oxide; Matte Fix Lip Pencil in Cradled; Light Lock Gloss in Not All at Once; 1994 Volumizing Mascara; Line Artist in Into the Void; Brow Artist in Taupe; and Light Lock Powder in Ice Dusted.

Black Swan

Of course, Halsey did the Black Swan part, too, which was an even more elaborate look. This time, she used AF94 products, including Backline Liquid Eyeliner in Eyes Wide Shut, *69 Gel Eyeliner in Antagonist, Push to Start Mascara in Black, Give Em Lip High Shine Lip Gloss in *67, and Majorly Matte Liquid Lipstick in Dream a Lie.

Another Goth Look

Just before Halloween, the “Without Me” artist uploaded a video to About-Face’s Instagram page showing another artsy, goth look. Captioned, “A quick little Halloween moment as we wait for @iamhalsey grand reveal,” it shows her putting on ear prosthetics and makeup, including Matte Fluid Eye Paint™️ in White Noise, New Karma, and Art of Darkness; Shadowstick in Oxide; Fractal Glitter Gelly in Keep the Change; Cheek Freak in Get Some; and Light Lock Lip Gloss in It’s Not You It’s Me.

Shop The Products

All the products Halsey used are available to shop on About-Face’s and AF94’s websites. Here’s a recap with prices:

White Swan using About-Face:

• Matte Fluid Eye Paint™️, $16

• Shadowstick, $14

• Matte Fix Lip Pencil, $12

• Light Lock Gloss, $13

• 1994 Volumizing Mascara, $15

• Line Artist, $13

• Brow Artist, $16

• Light Lock Powder, $18

Black Swan using AF94:

• Backline Liquid Eyeliner, $8

• *69 Gel Eyeliner, $8

• Push to Start Mascara, $10

• Give Em Lip High Shine Lip Gloss, $8

• Majorly Matte Liquid Lipstick, $7

Third Look using About-Face:

• Matte Fluid Eye Paint™️, $16

• Shadowstick, $14

• Fractal Glitter Gelly, $20

• Cheek Freak, $18

• Light Lock Lip Gloss, $13

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