Jessica Alba Talks About Honest Beauty In 'Rapid-Fire Q&A'

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Jessica Alba is very hands-on with her brand, Honest, and knows her products inside and out. In the crowded beauty space, the 41-year-old Hollywood star isn’t just another celebrity entrepreneur jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of making an easy profit. Instead, she and her team do heavy science-based research to come up with really good products, which she actually uses in her daily life. She has even helped develop some of them based on her personal needs.

Now, she’s spilling her favorites and dispensing beauty advice in a rapid-fire Q&A with her BFF, Lizzy Mathis, in a video uploaded to Honest Beauty’s Instagram page. Watch it below.

Her Must-Have And Most Recommended Products

With Lizzie throwing the questions as they’re standing beside a display of Honest Beauty products in Ulta, Jessica first reveals the one product she can’t live without. “Hydrogel,” she says while holding a box of the hyaluronic acid-infused face cream close to the camera. “I think I would bathe in this.”

Next, Lizzie asks, “What’s the first product that you recommend to friends and family?” Jessica reveals it’s the Gentle Gel Cleanser because “everyone loves it.”

Most Underrated Product

Lizzie fires the next question, “What’s your most underrated product? The one that they’re sleeping on, Jes?” The actress says it’s Calm + Renew Melting Eye Balm and then proceeds to tout its benefits.

“Calming Phyto Blend. It’s great for people with sensitive eyes but also if you don’t have sensitive eyes. It’s super hydrating,” she explains. And you can put it on your lips, too.

Fav Product 'That She Helped Develop'

Next, Lizzie asks about Jessica’s favorite product “that she helped develop,” and Jessica reveals it’s the acne clearing line. “I did it thinking about my daughters and about myself when I had adult acne,” she explains. “I dealt with it for a long time. I was like, what are products that you can integrate into your routine without having to start from scratch?”

Lizzie chimes it that she personally loves the Spot Stopper Acne Spot Treatment.

Beauty Tip

The final question from Lizzie is “What’s one beauty tip that you can share about one of these products?”

“If you are someone who’s not into thick and heavy kind of creams but you want to have some type of hydration, the Stay Hydrated Serum,” Jessica answers. “It’s just really nice ‘cause it’s super lightweight.”

Shop all the products on Honest Beauty’s website.

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