This Haus Labs Product Is Lady Gaga's 'Red Carpet And Photoshoot Foundation'

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Lady Gaga isn’t keeping her superstar beauty secrets to herself.

The 36-year-old singer, actress, cosmetics mogul, and style chameleon knows all about makeup from decades of experience in the entertainment industry. And apparently, she’s had a go-to foundation for years that’s responsible for her many unforgettable glam moments.

Now, as the main woman behind vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics label, Haus Labs, Gaga has perfected that foundation and is sharing it with anyone who wants to unleash their inner chameleon via makeup as well. Last month, she uploaded a video to Haus LabsInstagram explaining why the brand’s Triclone Skin Tech Foundation is such a great product, complete with a demo. Watch it below.

Gaga's 'Truest Innovation'

The video begins with a makeup-free, platinum-blonde Gaga showing off a bottle of the foundation, dispensing a few pumps onto the back of her hand, and applying it all over her face using a brush.

“Triclone Skin Tech Foundation is my truest innovation at Haus Labs yet,” she says in the voiceover. “It’s a gorgeous silk second-skin finish with a medium but very buildable coverage in 51 stunning shades, with a detailed inclusive variety of both balancing and flattering undertones so you can find your perfect match.”

It's Her 'Red Carpet And Photoshoot Foundation'

While covering her entire face with the foundation, the House of Gucci star continues, “This is and has been my red carpet and photoshoot foundation for years which I love because, as a performer, sometimes I want a natural, luminous everyday glow and other times I want a bold, glamorous full-on superstar look. And I wanted you to have that, too.”

She can also be seen spreading the product on her arm and finishing off her makeup with a sweep of blush and lipstick.

'Giving Your Skin A Big Hug'

With tons of foundations in the beauty market, what makes Triclone special? Gaga explains, “This formula is not only clean and vegan but is infused with over 20 skincare ingredients, including our exclusive custom formulation of fermented arnica mixed with a blend of super-charged antioxidants that work to protect your skin, and also a custom blend of medicinal botanicals that promote skin healing and calming. Wearing this foundation is like giving your skin a big hug.”

Towards the end of her video, the superstar is looking perfectly put together while preening before the camera and striking her signature Mother Monster pose.

Where To Buy

Ready to try your first Triclone Skin Tech Foundation? It retails for $45 on Haus Labswebsite.

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